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We have marketing solutions to fit any company, large or small, on any budget

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specialist retail alliances

Many small specialist retailers hesitate to make the sort of investment required to penetrate their market successfully, and if they do, finding the right business partner is critical to secure a good return on their investment. With many of our commerce customers, we don't ask for any outlay, we prefer instead to take a commission on sales.

We don't perform, you don't pay...

What could be simpler? we do all of the hard work and stump up the initial costs, you only pay a small commission for the sales you make.

We're not greedy...

With all of our strategic alliances able to offer a nation-wide service, we only work with one company in any particular field. We're not afraid of competition, but we wouldn't want to compete against IMK!

Range rover Engines

Pay per response

The primary reason for most businesses to to deploy an internet site is to increase custom. Once the lengthy operation of establishing a presence in your desired market, does your organisation have the skills and resources to keep ahead of the competition, and keep your visibility as high as it should be?

You get what you pay for...

You set the targets, we get to work. We only get paid for the customers we deliver either by Email, live help or telephone. It's flexible too, if you want to reduce the flow of responses, just let us know.

It's all yours!

Don't worry we won't be working for your competition. We aim to nurture long-term relationships with our partners and would like the opportunity to be as passionate about your business as you are.

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Local PPR partners

If you offer a local service restricted to a specific geographical area, you may have found competing against national competitors with larger budgets prohibitive. With many business types, we organise strategic alliances with similar companies in other regions enabling us to take a national approach and everyone benefits from the huge savings this affords.

Pay per response...

As with most of our marketing strategies, so confident are we of our marketing ability, you only pay for the customers you get. What can be fairer than that?.

Stay local...

With our local PPR campaigns, the area you specify is yours and only yours. We aim to build long-term relationships with our partners. Call us today, your company may be just the challenge we're looking for.