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    Our software packages have revolutionised the way our clients manage their businesses.

    Web based applications can help ensure that office management is available remotely, server based applications can ensure that even with broadband connection issues, management is available on site at all times. The solution you choose is yours entirely.

    Your most expensive outgoings are likely to be your staff wages. If their time handling mundane tasks is dramatically reduced, you may be able to free them up for more productive and therefore profitable ones, as has happened to more than  a few clients we could mention.

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    Our philosophy on sites is quite simple; Sites created by technicians work like clockwork, load in quickly but look like they've been designed by a technician. Sites created by designers look fantastic but take ages to load and seldom work smoothly. Sites created by anyone without the knowledge of search engine optimisation or Internet marketing don't get a chance to load slowly or look bad.

    At IMK every site we develop benefits from the expertise of our design, technical and marketing teams, managed by a single point of contact. The customer is involved along each step of the process as much as possible, after all you're the expert on your business, and we're the experts on ours.

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    Our philosophy on marketing is also quite simple; client loyalty is far less expensive than finding a new one.

    To that end, when we sell an enquiry to a client, they know that they're getting an exclusive lead, that the quality is likely to be very good and the price they pay for it, very competitive.

    We see no point in being greedy, in trying to 'get rich quick'. Long term relationships with clients loyal to what we do for them ensures long term survival for both.

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    Our applications for smartphone and other mobile devices are priced competitively.

    We are not in the business of overcharging for our services. We'd much rather keep our relationship with our clients based on trust and mutual respect.

    The smartphone applications we provide are designed to make life easier for our clients and their staff, in terms of expenditure, efficiency and ease of use.

    A smartphone has all the capability necessary to run all manner of 'apps', without the need for dedicated infrastructure and minimal software.

    Contact us if you have an app you'd like to be able to put to good use within your own organisation. Or, let us take a look at your business, how you currently run it and how we might be able to optimise it for you.