Or has it already happened and you missed it?

We're all aware how Twitter and Facebook, Linked In and other social media platforms can help with generating interest in and traffic to your website. Could the next big thing be www.Pinterest.com? Or has it already become so?

Pinterest is an online image board. Using their great browser tool, you're able to visit websites and simply click a 'Pin it' button to attach on-screen images directly onto your own board. If for example you wanted to hint to your better half that something caught your eye online, pin it to your board and it'll be visible to them. If you're a manufacturer or wholesaler, you might do the same for your customers images for example, as Pinterest automatically links to the web page you visited too. This site can make it easy to find peer recommended business websites. Or you can of course upload your own images.

Pinterest was launched in 2010 and registered more than 7 million unique visitors in December, over 4 times what it registered just 3 months earlier. Apparently it's driving a good deal of useful traffic to websites run by companies who have been quick to see the potential. After all, Pinterest pins can go viral if you choose your image and message presented on the site carefully.

Or what about Google+? Rumours abound about this new Facebook competitor. If those rumours are anything to go on, Google might just tweak its famous algorithm, giving participants a head start on the free and PPC listings, especially those who prove to be popular amongst their site visitors and therefore giving them a Plus 1. After all, who are you going to trust? The hype of the website owner, or a recommendation from friends and colleagues?