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Content Managed Sites (CMS)



If your website needs constant updating, you don't really need duplication of work. Why send images and text you've prepared to a web designer, only for them to place it into a web page for you, incurring extra costs and delay? You know where the updated material needs to go. So why not add it yourself and keep your costs - and any delay getting your updates carried out - down to the bare minimum? 

But, you're worried that you might break your website? Please, don't be. Simply make your updates to a page not visible to the visiting surfer but to you alone (have us check it over if you wish) and when you're happy, click one button to publish it. Updating is extremely simple, you don't need any knowledge of website page design whatsoever. If you can spell, choose an image with your mouse, cut and paste, you can keep your website updated easily. We know, we've taken techno-phobes through the process without difficulty.

IMK stays abreast of Content Management System (CMS) technologies, so that you don't need to. We have designed our own CMS platforms, but we're not averse to using Open Source technologies, such as Wordpress or Joomla where applicable; after all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Our philosophy

Sites created by technicians work like clockwork, load in nanoseconds but look like they've been designed by a technician. Many viewers will click-away.

Sites created by designers look fantastic but take ages to load and seldom work smoothly. Customers don't have time to hang about.

Sites created by anyone without the knowledge of search engine optimisation or Internet marketing don't get a chance to load slowly or look bad, they'll never get a chance to be seen.

At IMK every site we develop benefits from the expertise of our design, technical and marketing teams, managed by a single point of contact. The customer is involved along each step of the process as much as possible, after all you're the expert on your business, and we're the experts on ours.