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Web design and Internet marketing services

 Effective text and graphics are all important when constructing a good website. You need to get the message across quickly and 'stickily', or the viewer loses interest. Colour psychology and image are of similar importance to grab the viewers attention and deliver the message quickly and in a manner that attracts the right viewer to your products or services.

Intuitive , user-friendly navigation is important to enable viewers to quickly find what they're looking for and to navigate back without getting lost. If they can't they'll move on.

Just looking good doesn't get customers. Your site needs to interact with viewers, initiate a response or strengthen a brand else your site really serves no purpose. Reaction is achieved with considered 'calls to action' with relevant methods and subtle persuasions to engage in communication.

Technically correct

The vast majority of those looking at web sites aren't interested in the coding of the pages. But as a business owner, you should be.

Page coding has a major effect on how the search engines see your website. In addition, web standards change regularly, so that what works in one browser might not work in another. Your website might look completely different in Firefox or Google Chrome for example, as to what you see in Internet Explorer.

Do it yourself

You wouldn't plumb your house yourself, unless you really know what you were doing, so why make the mistakes you might make designing a website, without knowing the pitfalls? We have over 50 years collective experience in website design in our offices, so we feel we've come across most of the problems that might occur and how to avoid them. Contact us for your web design and be sure it's going to work as it should.

However, if you do want to "Do it yourself" why not consider a content management system (CMS) which offers perfect harmony. We do what we do best by setting you up a professionally designed and coded framework which gives you control over what you do best; being passionate about your business and letting it shine through as content.

Design isn't everything

Unfortunately a great looking website that works well doesn't get you noticed. To work for you, your site needs an audience and you're not alone, there are millions of other sites out there and many of them will be your competition. Don't despair though, there are many ways to get your site seen by potential customers.

Know your customers and target your market with fine precision, don't aim for the whole world at once. Ask your customers what search terms they would use to find you in a search engine and gear your site to those phrases. People don't always search for the obvious, so keep up the research. We can help with all this.

Get local using resources like Google places enables you to attract traffic relatively easily.

Content is king. Search engines take more notice of sites that change regularly and grow. Look on your site as an evolving sales team, nurture it and it will reward you well.

Face the facts. Statistics packages enable you to see how well you site is performing with valuable information about how they found you, where they came from and at which point they left your site. This data may prompt you to make necessary tweaks to maximise its efficiency.

Second chances. A single lead from a customer that turns cold doesn't have to be the end of the story. Email marketing enables you to communicate your services to them at a fraction of the cost of a letter.

Is it worth it?

In a word yes. Whilst there are a few types of businesses that may not directly benefit from a website, the vast majority of companies would or do benefit greatly. Used efficiently the Internet is still the cheapest and cost effective form of advertising around.